1. SURF CON SAL students must be over 6 years old. Minors must fill out an authorization signed by their mother/father or legal guardian. The person responsible for making the reservation is of legal age.
  2. All classes include the material (wetsuit and board) to be able to take the course. In the event that students bring their own material, they will be welcome and will not entail a discount on the activity. The material must be used properly and the rules and recommendations of the instructors regarding the use of the material will always be followed. In the case of misuse of the material, the user will be responsible for any damage caused and therefore must pay the amount of said repair.
  3. Surfing is a risky sport and depends, to a large extent, on nature and therefore on weather conditions and waves. In case the conditions are not favorable, different activities will be offered or the day will be changed. The organization will be responsible for said decision and will communicate in advance by e-mail or telephone.
  4. Students must respect the rest of the participants during the course. Also, you must comply with the instructions of the monitors and the rules of surfing, otherwise, the organization will value the expulsion of said person without reimbursing the amount paid.
  5. The student body understands that surfing is a risky sport and physical injuries can occur such as; cuts, strains, breaks, bruises… damage to yourself or third parties. The user understands that these risks are part of the activity and is responsible for and accepts the risks of this activity.
    Declares that he/she has been duly informed of the school rules and agrees to the contract.
  6. A 20% deposit is required to confirm the reservation.


  7. If, due to the health emergency situation of the State of Emergency, the State of Emergency
    situation generated by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is extended, and therefore your trip is
    canceled due to force majeure, the cancellation of the reservation will be free up to 24 hours in
    advance and we will refund the full amount through the same payment method.


  8. In the event that the student decides to cancel the contracted service, they must notify SURF CON SAL at least fifteen business days prior to the start of the service. In this case, the student will have the right to a refund of the amounts paid.
    If such cancellation, by the student, is notified to SURF CON SAL less than fifteen business days before the start of the contracted service, the student will not be entitled to a refund of the amounts paid. In duly justified cases of force majeure, the amount of the payment will be saved for a future reservation to be agreed between the student and the school. The student is obliged to cover all the data reflected in order to make the reservation. Failure to comply with these requirements leads to the loss of the deposit given for the reservation, and the Company is not obliged to make any refund.


  9. In the event that the student has an accident during their stay at the school carrying out activities and the students being aware that the Company is covered by the Compulsory Sports Civil Liability Insurance, included in Royal Decree 849/1993 of June 4, in addition to having a specific accident policy, no financial reimbursement will be made for any concept referring to the amount paid (second payment made to the school).


    All the conditions that appear in “terms of use” will also be applicable to the reservation process, as to the rest of the website: